Super Premium Ice Cream…

Our ice cream is approximately 4.0% to 4.5% alcohol by volume. By Texas law these products cannot be sold to those under the legal drinking age of 21 (unless accompanied by a parent). For the young ones or those who simply don’t consume alcohol we will always have very fine chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creams on hand and ready to serve!




Flavors of Boozy Ice Cream

Our Boozy Flavors, 99 of ’em…!

Killer Vaniller

Our take on the classic vanilla ice cream.  Made with pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract, the “caviar” from the bean pods themselves, a healthy splash of bourbon whiskey and some Bailey’s Vanilla Cinnamon Cream liqueur makes this vanilla ice cream truly the killer of all other vanillas!  And y’all thought vanilla was just, well, vanilla…  Not when we make it!

Chocolate Cookies -n- Booze

Cookie Monster inspired this one. Cookies and Cream just wasn’t cuttin’ it, nope… I added a white chocolate liqueur and some whipped cream vodka to this Chocolate Oreo based ice cream! What we have here is ice cold Oreo cookie overload. Y’all should try this one in a bowl AND in one of our ice cream milk shakes!

Vanilla Cookies -n- Booze

Little sister to Chocolate Cookies -n- Booze, cousin to Mint Chocolate Cookie Monster. She is made with Golden Oreos, vanilla bean paste, yummy pannicotta and is infused with both vanilla and 99 butterscotch liqueurs. She’s very sweet and looking forward to meeting you!

Eat A Peach

Big time lip smacking fresh sweet peach flavor together with a little white chocolate build the base of this frozen fruity concoction. Rich peach brandy provide warmth while a fresh chunky peach swirl revolves throughout this delectable delicacy. Was listening to the Allman Brothers when I thought of this one!

Black Currantly Delicorice

I’ve been looking for an excuse to put Sambuca in the ice cream and I finally found it! This here is a berry intensely flavored Black Currant ice cream with a delicate lingering licorice kiss there at the end. A beautiful contrast of flavors!

Gingerbread, Man

No, it’s not Gingerbread Man it’s Gingerbread, man. Commas are cool and so too is this ice cream. Wonderfully rich and delightfully complex is this gingerbread flavor infused with ginger brandy. A classic seasonal that was so good I needed to give it a permanent place in our flavor menu. Gingerbread, it’s not just for Christmas, man.

The Cream Abides

This one’s a riddle. You have to guess the flavor using the clue provided. Or, you can just come in and try it. You’re gonna like it, Dude!

Raisin The Rummy

My take on the classic Rum Raisin ice cream. I allow a generous amount of golden raisins to marinate in Captain Morgan Black spiced rum for a few weeks then puree’ them into a thick boozy paste. This gets combined with our incredibly rich cream base, some pannacotta, white chocolate, vanilla bean paste, molasses and more rum soaked raisins are added for good measure, and that same raisin soaked spiced rum goes in the mix too. The Rummy is risen!

The Smashed Punkin’

Well it’s that time of year (or not), the time when thoughts turn to everything Pumpkin, including the frost! We’ve taken that to a new level with our outrageously flavored Punkin’ Pie ice cream; smashed on Captain Morgan Black spiced rum and Bailey’s Pumpkin cream liqueur, mixed with graham cracker crumbles, yummy pannicotta and blackstrap molasses. I think we’ll keep this one around indefinitely!

Frosted Peppermint

A white chocolate and vanilla based ice cream infused with 100 proof Rumple Minze peppermint schnapps and chock full of crumbled Andes mints! Cousin to our “Mint Chocolate Cookie Monster” he packs a powerful peppermint punch but in a lighter more “frosty” package!

White Chocolate Macamania

That’s right, I said macamania!  A decadently sweet white chocolate based ice cream infused with Macadamia Nut liqueur and a whisper of Dark Chocolate Cream Liqueur for contrast and that added choco-kick, with a healthy portion of crushed roasted macadamia nuts and white chocolate flakes mingled throughout.  White chocolate never, ever tasted this good!


I just know y’all like Butterfinger candy bars! Know what I did? I mashed up a whole bunch, mixed in some 99 Butterscotch liqueur, added some vanilla, lots of cream and made boozy ice cream out of em’! Tell Bart Simpson not to worry, there’s plenty of Futterbinger to go around! My daughters favorite!

Puerto Vanilla

Well, I ain’t never been to Puerto Vallarta but I can sure make some Puerto Vanilla! I did so by combining a few cups of McKinney’s own Landon Winery’s Grand Finale Tawny Port wine with a simple yet delightful Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla base. The result is an ice cream that’ll take you places you’ve never been before!

Apple Schtroodle

meant to be said in your best worst German accent! You’v heard of apple pie a la mode? This here is a la mode apple pie! Yup, apple pie ice cream infused with apple pie moonshine! Now I just have to learn the art of moonshining myself

Blueberry Cheesecake

Fraternal twin to Strawberry Cheesecake! White chocolate, vanilla bean paste, mascarpone, blueberry fortefrutto and oodles and oodles of blueberry arabeschi soaked cheesecake pieces make up the body of this beauty! A combo shot of Western Son bluebery vodka and blueberry liqueur provide the kick and add extra flavor!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fraternal twin to Blueberry Cheesecake! White chocolate, vanilla bean paste, mascarpone, srawberry fortefrutto and oodles and oodles of strawberry arabeschi soaked cheesecake pieces make up the body of this beauty! A combo shot of Tequila Rose and sliver Tequila provide the kick and add extra flavor!

Blackberry Cobbler

Another sweet fruity flavor featuring delicious blackberries and cubed pound cake! Blackberry brandy infused blackberry boozy goodness abounds in this big bold ice cream! Buy you a bunch today!


Here’s a different kinda flavor and one of my new favorites! Avocado ice cream infused with a beautiful pistachio cream liqueur, a little white chocolate, a dash of salt and a dash of cayenne pepper! A mild yet sublime flavor, not too sweet and wonderfully fresh!


Yes I said dickersnoodle… Come on now, words are fun! Loads of crushed Snickerdoodle cookies, and fresh cinnamon bun flavor combine with one of my new favorite shots, Cinnamon Toast Crunch; a 50/50 combo of RumChata and Fireball. It’s a party in your mouth and lots of fun to say!

Creme de Nutter Butter

Mmmm-mmm, who doesn’t like Nutter Butters? Delicious peanut butter flavored ice cream made with a whole family pack of Nutter Butter cookies and spiked with Skrewball peanut butter whiskey. Fitting, isn’t it…

Xocoloco Chocolato

If that ain’t a mouthful? A mouthful it is! Deep nutty chocolate combined with almond butter and vanilla bean paste, spiced up nice with nutmeg, cinnamon and smokey chipotle pepper! Infused with a cocoa liqueur and a fine smokey mezcal! My version of Mexican hot chocolate, but frozen of course…

Salted Butter Caramel Crazy

We don’t suffer from insanity, we love every minute of it!  Especially when it comes to making ice cream.  Luscious butter and sugar based caramel ice cream just slightly on the salty side with Heath bar crumbles.  Mixed in with this decadent deliciousness is Baileys oh so wonderful Salted Caramel cream liqueur and some Smoky Joe’s caramel bourbon whiskey!  “And: they’re coming to take me away, ho ho, he he, ha ha, to the funny farm where life is wonderful all the time!”

Turtles, All The Way Down

Have you heard the one about the earth sitting on the back of a giant turtle? No? Well, this ice cream is better anyway! Like the chocolate, caramel, pecan candy clusters I mix up a whole bunch and generously include them in this caramel flavored ice cream with a touch of chocolate. Infused with Ballotin Turtles whiskey and dark creamy chocolate liqueur!

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Yes, I do hear that baseball jingle playing in my head! What we got here is a very fruity grape flavored ice cream infused with grape liqueur and whipped cream vodka. Swirled throughout is a sweet and delicious crunchy peanut butter inclusion! It’s a PBJ, but ice cream!

Figgy Puddin’

If ya dig figs, this one’s for you! Vanilla bean paste, white chocolate and a wonderful fig arabeschi are all combined to produce a delicious figgy ice cream! I infuse this one with Cognac for that elegant touch and give it an extra swirl of fig arabeschi, cause I dig honey sweet figs! This ain’t no Newton!

Passion Fruit Kisses

Someone call Mary Chapin Carpenter and tell her I got a new hit song… Kidding! Even better, I have a passion fruit fortefrutto based ice cream infused with Cuervo Gold! White chocolate fortifies the base flavor with body and sweetness, and tequila infused passion fruit arabeschi gets swirled throughout! Sing it with me… “passion fruit kisses, woh ooh oh”

THE Chocolate Chip

Definitely not your ordinary chocolate chip ice cream, far from it! A whole package of Chips Ahoy Chunkies gets blended with a little more chocolate, a dash of white chocolate, vanilla and a heaping helping of Ballotin chocolate whiskey! NOT vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips!

Elvis Was Here

An ice cream fit for the King! What else but peanut butter and banana? Yep, fresh bananas and peanut butter, a little vanilla bean paste create the yummy base flavor. Infused with peanut butter whiskey and Tempis Fugit creme de banana!

Only Toblerony

I absolutely adore Toblerone chocolate! So, I melted 10 big bars and made ice cream out of ’em! With such sweet milk chocolate, vanilla vodka was the infusion, along with gobs of extra nougat of course!

Dark Chocolate Razbrownie

A flavor inspired by a bride to be! How to mix dark chocolate and raspberry in a meaningful way? My solution: Blend a chocolate flavor almost as dark as “Double Dark Goodnight” but replace the cocoa powder with actual brownies! Make “brownie balls” out of several more and drench them in raspberry arabeschi. Stir in the “Razbrownie” concoction as the chocolate cream fills the bucket and boom, we got a winner here!

Kiwi’s Big Adventure

A bright and refreshing semi-tart Kiwi flavored ice cream! A little vanilla bean paste and some white chocolate for sweetness. Infused with Western Sons Prickly Pear vodka! A flavor adventure in every spoonful!

White Choco-Brownie Blitz

A wonderfully rich and sweet white chocolate based ice cream chock full of delectable brownie arabeschi soaked brownie chunks. Infused with white chocolate liqueur and just a touch of dark chocolate cream. A blitzkrieg of sundae deliciousness in a cup!

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven

Creamy milk chocolate based hazelnut flavored ice cream.  I ain’t talking nutella here, this is gourmet nutty milk chocolaty deliciousness made just for you.  We take this creamy concoction to the next level and blend in Hazelnut liqueur and milk chocolate hazelnut arabeschi to make this tasty treat absolutely heavenly for the nutty chocolate lover in us all!

Particularly Pistachio

So you thought you had good pistachio ice cream before?  Not so fast…  We make ours with actual pistachio butter (the real deal) and loads of roasted pistachio nuts in every bite.  If you’re like me with no patience for peeling pistachios and just want to chow down on some, this one’s for you!  Infused with Amaretto, this ice cream propels the Pistachio way past pleasing into the realm of the purely phenomenal!

Double Dark Goodnight Chocolate

No chocoholic gets out of here unsatisfied. Nothing has been spared to make the richest most decadent deepest dark chocolate ice cream on earth. Dark chocolate flakes and walnuts abound with Dark Cocoa liqueur and a touch of Whipped Cream vodka infused into this chocolate lovers wildest imaginings! That chocolate lover would be Mrs. Ice Cream Man… ? You’ve heard of “death by chocolate”… this right here is “life by chocolate”! Say goodnight to all other challengers!

Cream In The Key Of Lime

Y’all like Key Lime Pie? I love me some Key Lime Pie! Imagine the smoothest, whipped creamiest ice cream possible with that amazingly sweet tart Key Lime flavor full of buttery Graham cracker crust crumbles and fresh lime zest. RumChata liqueur catapults this intensely creamy sweet lime flavor completely over the top!

Mocha Madness

“It’s astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll.” That’s the mood I was in when this flavor was warped into time. White chocolate, dark chocolate and espresso all join the party in this deeply flavored concoction. Kahlua and milk chocolate covered Heath bar crumbles are added to keep you coming back for more. Let’s do the time warp again! I know someone out there remembers that… ?

White Chocolate Raspberry Rumble

Blended with our already outrageous and decadently sweet white chocolate ice cream is a decidedly delicious Black Raspberry liqueur. Couldn’t stop there, too simple for us… so we swirled in gobs of black raspberry variegate to send your taste buds into ice cream raspberry overdrive! Let’s get ready to… ahhh, you know!

Strawberry Dreams Forever

Well, the fields were taken, but a guy can dream can’t he? Me, I dreamed of strawberries so I made some ice cream! Delicious natural strawberry base with a real strawberry swirl and to take it up to our level, some Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur (thanks Dwayne!) and a shot (or 3…) of 1800 silver tequila. Dream on… oh wait, that’s another story altogether.

Done Gone Bananas

What an ego. I actually named this ice cream after myself. When I had the idea to put booze in the ice cream my wife said “Ted, you done gone bananas”. And here we are… ? Banana ice cream with a touch of cinnamon, graham cracker crumbles, banana liqueur and Bacardi Silver make this creamy concoction taste like the best frozen banana cream pie you ever had! Aren’t y’all glad I’m a little nuts?

Orange Blossom Special

Remember those yummy creamsicles we had as kids, orange ice and vanilla cream mingled together and stuck on a stick? Well, I’m going over the top with this one. Honey vanilla ice cream (honey provided by Texas own Stroope Honey Farms – Special Reserve… literally the best honey I’ve ever tasted) with Grand Mariner orange liqueur and the zest of 3 navel oranges. Those creamsicles never tasted this good! Memories…!

Mint Chocolate Cookie Monster

It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE… cries the mad scientist as his creation awakens. Like Oreo cookies? Like mint chocolate Oreo cookies? How about a whole box of Oreo cookies blended into an ice cream with added Italian chocolate and 100 proof peppermint schnapps? That’s what I’m talking about! Cookie Monster needs to grow up a bit before sampling this one!

Root Beer Vanilla Flotilla

Root beer has always been my favorite soda pop and putting vanilla ice cream in it has always been a natural! My take on the classic includes a white chocolate base with goodly amounts of vanilla bean paste and that wonderful spicy root beer flavor infused with root beer schnapps! It’s an armada of flavor!

Maple Bourbon Baconator

Someone had to do it, might as well be me. Cousin to Butter Bourbon Pecanator. Yup, I put bacon in the ice cream. A scrumptious maple flavored ice cream backed by pannacotta, a whisper of hickory liquid smoke and a copious amount of bourbon whiskey. And bacon bits! Can’t forget the bacon bits…! You going to give it a try?

Butter Bourbon Pecanator

Our version of the always popular Butter Pecan and another straight bourbon infused flavor. Cousin to Maple Bourbon Baconator. I like me some bourbon! Beautiful smooth real pecan butter blended bountifully with butterscotch pannicotta pecan passion! Loads of roasted chopped Texas pecans in every scoop!

With A Cherry On Top

After we say “pretty please” to let someone know we REALLY ain’t kidding, we add “with a cherry on top”! That’ll always push the request over the edge and that’s where this ice cream goes… right over the edge. Wonderful, big, bold sweet and tart cherry flavor ice cream with a touch of white chocolate for body. Real cherries and dark chocolate flakes intermingle with a cherry swirl and a potent German Kirschwasser cherry brandy bring the booze! Cherry Garcia who?

Cream O’Whiskey

Who among us doesn’t like Baileys Irish Cream? I ain’t met the person yet. This is a straight up Irish Cream flavored ice cream infused with Irish Cream liqueur. Simple and creamy delicious cause there’s a little Irish in all us booze lovers!

Tiramisu’ Says Who?

I’ve only ever had Tiramisu once in my life. In my ice cream! It’s a mildly cocoa coffee creamy mocha flavor, not with lady fingers (who wants anyones fingers but their own in their ice cream?) but mini Nilla Wafers crumbled up inside, marscapone, and infused with Tiramisu liqueur. An artist friend had it first and poured an espresso shot into the cup and called it Affogato! Tiramisu says who? How’d I do?

Off The (Maple) Walnut

What we have here is a seriously Maplefied Walnut ice cream! Walnut butter out of Italy and maple syrup combined with Dark Cocoa cream liqueur, vanilla and white chocolate build this not so subtle flavor to the max! It’s chock full of chopped walnuts too! This one’s truly an off the wall nut flavor!


This Kat is Kool! Y’all asked for a chocolate ice cream with bourbon so that’s what I made! The chocolate comes from KitKats, a whole lotta KitKats and the bourbon comes from Kentucky. Mix them together and we get a delicious combination of chocolate and bourbon! Give this Kool Kat a try, I bet you’ll be glad ya did!

Red(ish) Velvet

A customer request! Sure, we can do that and thanks for the idea Kelli! A Bailey’s Red Velvet inspired concoction of white and dark chocolates, pannacotta and marscapone, plenty of Baileys Red Velvet cream liqueur and a bit of whipped cream vodka all mix together to produce this classic and “sorta red” velvet ice cream. I just couldn’t bring myself to add red dye…

Ain’t No Lime In The Coconut

This one is a big bold coconut flavored ice cream packed with fresh coconut flakes, “loaded” with coconut rum and features a pineapple arabeschi ripple throughout! He’s delightfully tropical and there ain’t no lime to be found except in out Bullfrog sorbet, so I guess you could do a lime/coconut combo if the spirit really moved ya…

Chocolate Smothered Cherry

Y’all heard of chocolate covered cherries? This here is chocolate “smothered” cherry ice cream! Quartered candied cherries smothered in decadent rich nutty chocolate infused with Evan Williams cherry bourbon! This ain’t candy, nope… it’s boozy ice cream!

Ye Olde Fashioned

My ice creamy take on the classic whiskey cocktail. A bit on the sweet side with definite cherry and orange notes. Angostura bitters and a heaping helping of bourbon round out the cream base flavor. More quartered candied cherries and orange arabeschi combine as the final inclusion! A new twist on an olde classic!

Irish Coffee Buzz Buzz

Not just coffee “flavored” but real roasted fine ground espresso beans expertly blended into our premium ice cream base. Intense coffee flavors and aromas just weren’t enough for us though… we had to go and add chocolate covered espresso beans to this caffeinated boozy brew! What else but Jameson Irish Whiskey could perfect the already perfect baristas’s ice creamy dream come true?

Scutterbotch Fudge Ripple

second cousin to Futterbinger, infused with 99 Butterscotch and a delicious creamy chocolate liqueur, this butterscotch flavored ice cream had a decadent deep chocolate fudge ripple running throughout. Kind of like Werthers original candy wrapped in chocolate!

Pineapple Upside Down Cream

You like pineapple upside down cake? This is the ice cream version! Wonderful pineapple flavor spiked with 99 Pineapple liqueur and loaded with pineapple arabeschi soaked poundcake pieces! Enjoy by itself or combine with Ain’t No Lime in the Coconut for a real Pina Colada ice cream taste treat!

Mango Habanero

I did it again, another ice cream that bites back! Big creamy mango flavor with just the right amount of habanero spice! Take a bite and count to five, you’ll get it…! Infused with mango liqueur and mango/habanero bourbon! Yup, I said mango/habanero bourbon!

Le’ Mon Chiffon

A nice bright creamy lemon flavor infused with Western Son Lemon vodka and the zest of several fresh lemons. Sweet, tart and lemony refreshing all at the same time! Wonderful on a hot summer day!

Jack -n- Coke

The classic Coke cocktail turned into an ice cream flavor! Lots of classic coke syrup, white chocolate and a healthy portion of old #7, Jack Daniels black. Simple and delicious!

Cookie Dough Booze -n- Stuff

I like it when folks ask me what I put in this one. My answer; cookie dough, booze and stuff! This is a double chocolate liqueur infused vanilla based ice cream loaded with cookie dough pieces drenched in yummy cookie butter! Decadent and delicious, ultra creamy and chewy at the same time. My sons favorite flavor!

Peh-Khan Pray-Leen

Spelled phonetically to keep this native New Yorker on his toes in Texas… A fabulous sweet pecan praline flavor with a little extra bourbon vanilla, white chocolate and pure pecan butter! Infused with both pecan praline whiskey and cream pecan praline liqueur. Mixed throughout with chopped pralined pecans! You’ll be nuts for this one!

Nuts For The Buttercup

If y’all like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as much as I do, your gonna dig this ice cream! I actually found a chocolate peanut butter liqueur from Cold Hammer Stills and used a bunch along with half a big box of “buttercups” to make this chocolate peanut butter treat. Intensified with my own chocolate and salty peanut concoction Mr. Reese himself oughta try this!

Lychee Melon Balls

I just had to find a way to use Midori Melon liqueur in an ice cream and this is it! Have you ever had a Lychee? A funky delicious little fruit pureed with cantaloupe and honeydew flavor and a touch of vanilla! Weird and wonderful!


Who doesn’t love S’mores? I had to make a S’more ice cream! Vanilla, chocolate and s’mores flavors combined with graham cracker crumbles makes the base. Crumbled s’mores cookies drenched in marshmallow are swirled throughout! Infused with S’mores vodka, yes there is such a thing!

Pretzel Logic

Gotta love Steely Dan! Gotta love salty pretzels, caramel arabeschi and chocolate ice cream too! That’s what we got here, and more! Dark chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla bean paste combine with straight bourbon whiskey! Mingled generously throughout are salty caramel soaked pretzel bits! Sweet, salty, crunchy goodness!

Vanilla Mellow Fudge

A seriously vanilla bean ice cream infused with vanilla liqueur and vanilla vodka! Swirled inside is a delicious mix of an all fudged up marshmallow inclusion! “Mmmm, chocolate marshmallow”, said Homer Simpson…

Celtic Cranachan

Our buddies over at The Celt Irish Pub inspired this one! A traditional Irish dessert, Cranachan is honey sweetened cream with zero vanilla, infused with Glenlivet single malt scotch whiskey. Layered within is a sweet raspberry CrumbOle combination for an added crunch! So good, now I wanna go to Ireland to have the real thing!

Vermont Maple Sugar Daddy

Have you ever had a maple sugar candy straight out of a Vermont maple syrup factory? Oh my, they are good! This flavor is a tribute to them. Delicious sweet maple flavor with white chocolate and vanilla bean paste meet up with potent maple whiskey! Eat your heart out New England!

Hash Brownie

Y’all like it in the Maui Waui so I put it in some ice cream too! CBD oil that is…! I add an entire 30 ml. bottle of 2,000 mg full spectrum CBD to each gallon. Sold in small cups only for $9.99 And, what better place then in a brownie? An ice cream literally made of pureed brownies with vanilla and sweet cream chocolate liqueur! Of course there’s big chunks of brownie mingled throughout! Relax, stress less…

Biscotti’s Biscotto

This one’s a doozy! Boozy too… Fresh almond biscotto flavored cream infused with Bailey’s Almond Cream liqueur and Amaretto! A killer inclusion: sliced almonds drenched in chocolate biscotto arabeschi ALSO infused with Amaretto! I think y’all are gonna dig this one!

Ghost Of Cinnamon Past

Visions of sugar plumbs may dance around some heads, but not mine! Nope, I like me some red-hot cinnamon flavor in my ice cream and this one delivers. Fireball whiskey infuses this spicy but frosty treat and just when you thought the flavor couldn’t get more interesting, the ghost (pepper) appears…

Almond Joyfully Delicious

You remember the commercial; “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.” Well it seems I always feel like a nut! I made this ice cream with a whole bunch of Almond Joy candy bars, some extra nutty chocolate, lots of sweet shredded coconut and cocoa roasted whole almonds! It’s infused with Cold Hammer Stills Almond Joyful liqueur. Sorry Mounds… I’m nutty!

Barons Sweet Vanilla Dreams

We colaborated with Barons Creek Winery (just a few blocks away), using their Sweet Dreams Red Wine in our version of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Bourbon Cream Stout

Here in McKinney we have a fantastic brewery called Tupps! They brew a massive and outstanding imperial stout called Full Grown Man. I had to use it in an ice cream and so present to you the beer and bourbon infused Full Grown Cream. It takes a big beer to stand up to 18% butterfat ice cream and this one does… with style!

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Green Apple Ice Cream with caramel swirl and pieces of cheesecake infused with Jack Daniels Apple Whiskey


A creamy Puerto Rican Coconut Nog infused with 151 Rum and a touch of Creme de Banana

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Orange based ice cream with an orange swirl infused with Gran Marnier with a touch of Carolina Reaper Pepper spices; start sweet, then some heat!

El Cremino Gold

A sweet hazelnut flavor infused with Frangelico and Whipped Cream Vodka, if you are a lover of all thing's hazelnut, this one's for you!

Flavor 109

Our 109th flavor is a classic Vanilla infused with Licor 43, a sweet vanilla flavored liqueur using 43 flavoring ingredients

Papa’s Apple Pie

I was gonna call it Grandma's Cherry Pie but thought; "hey, I'm a dud" and decided upon "Papa's Cherry Pie" instead, cause my granddaughter calls me Papa....It tastes like a bite of homemade cherry pie infused with Black Cherry W!hiskey

Dairy Free (Vegan) Sorbets…

Cooley Bay Peach Wine Sorbet

Indulge in a peachy paradise with our Peach Wine Sorbet! Immerse yourself in a tidal wave of ripe, peaches with the elegance of wine! It's a flavor fiesta that'll have your taste buds doing the tango!

Blue Hawaiian Daiquiri

Like taking a trip to a tropical beach, the Blue Hawaiian is Daiquiri flavored, rum infused with a healthy splash of Blue Curacao!

Bluebird Wine Sorbet

Loaded with crushed blueberries, Blue Berry Wine and Blueberry Vodka!


Also known as “Dig The Ribbit” this light lime green refresher is the perfect treat for any hot summer day. All lime all the time it features Western Son lime flavored vodka. Its sweet, it’s tart… you’re gonna dig it!

Chocolate Fudge Dreamsicle

a delectably delicious decadently dark 100% dairy free chocolate sorbet infused with dark cocoa liqueur and whipped cream vodka! Not JUST for the lactose intolerant! For everyone that wants a lite-bite…

Cooley Bay Blackberry Wine Sorbet

Get ready for a flavor explosion that'll make your taste buds dance! with our Blackberry Wine Sorbet, where juicy blackberries and fine wine collide in a frozen frenzy of yum!

Cooley Bay Cherry Wine Sorbet

Step into a world of cherry enchantment with our Cherry Wine Sorbet – a frozen extravaganza that'll have your taste buds Indulging in the playful fusion of cherries and the magic of wine, creating a flavor explosion that's like fireworks for your mouth!

Cooley Bay Strawberry Wine Sorbet

ready to chill with the coolest treat in town – the Strawberry Wine Sorbet! Brace yourself for a frosty fusion of ripe strawberries and the wine magic that'll have your taste buds doing the happy dance!

Lemon Cherry Bomb

A sweet and tart Del’s Lemonaide flavored sorbet infused with Limoncello, lemon vodka and a touch of tart cherry liqueur!

Mamasita Mojito

A very refreshing sweet minty sorbet with a hint of lime getting its name from the rum based cocktail that inspired it!

Mango Margarita

a very refreshing but big bold fresh mango flavor with Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, Triple Sec and a healthy splash of lime juice!

Maui Waui

An intensely pineapple sorbet infused with 99 Pineapples liqueur and Yudah CBD oil! I add an entire 30 ml. bottle of 2,000 mg full spectrum CBD to each gallon. Sold in small cups only for $9.99… Chill with a cup anytime…

Moscow Mule

Piquant with ginger and a hint of cayenne pepper this spicy yet refreshing sorbet is infused with Stoli to remain true to its roots. Nazdrovia!

Pina’ Colada

made with BOTH Malibu Pineapple AND Coconut rum, lots of fresh pineapple and Cocoa Lopez it tastes just like the tropical cocktail!

Purely Pomegranate

A purely refreshing sweet treat that packs a powerful pomegranate punch! It’s got all things pomegranate in it; pomegranate juice, pomegranate fortefrutto, pomegranate vodka… I may have made something that’s actually good for ya!

Raspberry Mellow Yellow

a raspberry sorbet spiked with Limoncello liqueur, Western Son lemon vodka and full of fresh raspberries and lemon juice! A lightly sweet and very tart refreshing treat!

Tequila Sunrise

Lots of orange, fresh pineapple infused with tequila and garnished with chopped cherries!

The Spiked Melon

I love me some watermelon and this one hits my spot! Infused with Western Son watermelon vodka this sorbet tastes just like them old melons we used to stick a bottle of vodka in, but far more refined!

Vanilla Coffee Colada

Vanilla Iced Coffee ice cream made with Coconut Milk infused with Khalua, vegan and dairy free

No Booze Flavors

Bubble Gum Sorbet

Bubble Gum Sorbet, vegan with NO Booze

Classic Strawberry

Creamy Strawberry with NO Booze

Classic Vanilla

Vanilla Bean with NO Booze

Classice Chocolate

Deep Rich Chocolate with NO booze

Cookies & Cream

Our take on Cookies & Cream loaded with oreo cookies with NO Booze

Cotton Candy Sorbet

Sweet Cotton Candy Sorbet, vegan with NO Booze

Sugar Free & Dairy Free Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream made with Coconut Milk and Stevia, vegan with NO Booze

Sugar Free & Dairy Free Vanilla

Vanilla ice cream made with Coconut Milk and Stevia, vegan with NO Booze

More stuff…!

Hand Packed Pints To Go…!

You may purchase a pint of any flavor we have in stock at anytime and bring it on home to enjoy!  Feel free to come on in to grab one or text your order in advance and we’ll have it ready for ya!  $17.99 each and $22.99 for Particularly Pistachio.  Same as buying 3 small cups and getting the fourth for free!  Coolers highly recommended but we do have freezer bags in the shop!



That’s right, boozy ice cream pies!  Give me a few days notice and we’ll have your pie ready for pickup.  Any flavor with several choices of pie crust: Graham Cracker, Oreo Crumb and Crushed Pecan.  You will definitely want to bring a cooler with ice packs to transport these.  Text your order to 508-446-7103.  $34.99 each, add $10 for Particularly Pistachio!


Boozy Ice Cream Cakes…!

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Galatians 2:20 (KJB)

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.”